Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you wondering what men and women really want for Valentine’s Day?  Dr. Phil has the answer!

While eating lunch today I watched a bit of the Dr Phil show.  He said he was going to reveal the answers from a poll he had run on his website.

What did women want for Valentine’s Day? 65% said they wanted a romantic evening planned by their man. This was followed by jewelry at 15%.

The number one choice for men was sex. 86% of men who answered the poll said this is what they wanted compared to only 6% of women. An 80% difference! Only 13% of men said they wanted a romantic evening.

Dr. Phil ended that segment by saying, “what we think is romantic is not what women think is romantic.” How true!

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Be Safe on your Dates

It’s important to be safe on your dates.  Most of us want to believe that the guy or gal we meet online or through friends, is going to be trustworthy.  But that isn’t always the case.  To find out what you can do to keep safe, check out the articles at SaferDates.  This UK-based site has dozens of articles on dating safety which are worth a look.   

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High End MatchMaker in Vancouver, BC

If you were a multi-millionaire looking for the perfect wife, what would you do?  One such man hired Janis Spindel, a New York based matchmaker, to find her for him.  With fees starting at $100,000 this matchmaker isn’t for everyone!

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Science of Love – Tonight on NBC

Is finding your soul mate instinct or can science find your true love?  This is the premise of the NBC special airing tonight called ‘Science of Love.’

NFL football player Adam Johnson will go on two dates – one with a woman he picks on instinct and one chosen by science.
will provide the 50 women from which Adam choses as well as the match based on their scientific compatibility matching process.

You can catch a preview of "Science of Love" at:

This one hour special airs on NBC on Mon. June 25th at 10 pm / 9 central. 

Try – a Scientific Approach to Find The One You Belong with Forever.

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How Many Men….

3,144 single women were asked the following question by

“How many frogs do you have to kiss before finding your prince?”

59% of women said more than 10… or more than their lip gloss capacity… Hmm… does that include school grade kisses?


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Eliminating Dating Fraud and have created an alliance in an effort to promote safe dating online.   Some states are pushing online dating sites to verify their member’s identity in an effort to prevent fraud.

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While I see the benefits to a verification or background check, there are also a couple of disadvantages.

  1. Individuals could include a line in their profiles stating that they have been verified by SafeDate, along with any link proving this fact.  But how many individuals are going to take responsibility and do that? 
  2. If a dating site required a verification of identity for each member, then the system would work better as frauds (hopefully) would be denied access.

Whether the dating sites will integrate the ‘SafeDate’ verification stamp of approval into their sites or use their own system is another question.

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A funny look at love and dating

Ever wonder what children think about love and kissing? 

Read their strategies for making people fall in love with you.  The radical solution from 9 year old Craig for handling a sour first date.  These little tidbits will bring a smile to your face.

More on Kids and Love

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More on Dating Safety…

Want to talk with a date on the telephone but don’t want to give out your number?

You’re not alone!  It’s easy to find out where someone lives just by their phone number. has come up with a solution.  Their service allows you to give out a personal toll-free number.  Your real phone number can’t be seen using Caller ID.  They charge by the minute so you may choose to limit how long you talk! 

3 Keys to Online Dating Safety (Article which includes what happened prior to my 1st ever online date)

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Dating Safety: Is your date who they say they are?

Do we really know if the person we’re dating is who they say they are?  If you’re wondering… offers two types of background checks of people in the United States.  This fee-based service can find: age, addresses, aliases, criminal records etc.

But the report generated may not be error free and they recommend having it independently verfied. Just read their FAQ. 

Please note – I haven’t tried this service and therefore can’t recommend it.

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Dream Big (Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band)

If you’ve ever been frustrated, in pain, or just plain having a bad day… the song Dream Big performed by Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band is for you.  It’s also being featured in promotions for NBC ‘Three Wishes’show hosted by Amy Grant.

Here is part of the chorus:

When you dream, dream big

As big as the ocean blue

When you dream it might come true

When you dream, dream big

Watch the Dream Big video

Plus it’s a reminder to never settle for less than you deserve. Why bother dreaming small when you just might make that big dream happen?!

The Album:

The Single:

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