Hooking Up – Episode 4

Hooking Up

In all honesty, thank goodness Hooking Up is only a 5-part documentary series.  If it were any longer I’d have stopped watching by now.  Surely someone is going to meet their ideal match!

A few noteworthy insights were made in episode 4:

1.  Amy, the 28-year old real estate broker with a fast ticking biological clock, said:

"The guy I’m hanging around with should be my refuge.  The guy I feel the most myself with."

Note:  She’s at least getting clearer about her vision for her ideal relationship.  It’s not just about the guy after all.  We need to know what our vision for our relationship is, what it feels like.  Then we can find the right person for it.

She went on to say – "I don’t think I’ll marry him so what am I doing hanging out with him?"

Note:  Amy said from day one that she’s online to find a husband.  If the guy isn’t the one then move on.

2.  Sonja, 38, and a health store owner, made an interesting comment when talking about one of her dates:

"He’s the kind of guy who gets cuter and cuter as you get to know him."

Note:  It’s true.  Have you ever experienced this phenomenon?  As I got to know my friend’s boyfriend, he got more handsome.  A lesson for us all to not judge a person by their picture too quickly.  If we have fun with or really like the person when we meet them yet aren’t attracted to them physically, that may change over time.

3.  Even pretty women have bad dates.  Kristin, 31, is a yoga instructor who stars in MTV yoga tapes.  At one point she stated, "how many bad dates do I have to go out on until someone good comes along?" 

Note:  It really must come down to the energy we emit.  We tend to attract people, situations, and thoughts that reflect our own level of growth and our own thoughts and beliefs.  Some people meet their match right away as they’re both probably ready to do so.  A friend of one of Sonja’s dates met his wife online and was the first women he met online.  Others, seem to attract bad date after bad date until finally they have a good date. 

Have you heard the saying – what you focus on expands?  If you focus on the bad dates then you’re going to attract more!  So focus on what you want the date to feel like so you can attract that type of date.

The moral of the story – keep growing and evolving!  The more we grow, the more we can handle – be it people, money, or opportunities.

The fifth and final episode airs on Thur. August 11th on ABC.

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