Hooking Up – The Final Episode

The final episode of ABC’s ‘Hooking Up’ TV show aired on Thur. August 11th.  Which of the 11 women daters hooked up was finally revealed.  But before that, let’s get to the episode…

  1. You gotta love Sonje’s attitude.

    Mitchell, the guy she’d been dating suddenly and unexpectedly broke up with her.  Although she was somewhat perplexed, she said, "I can’t make someone want me or love me."  She doesn’t seem to get uptight about things.  Sonje just lets things flow.  Mind you, the producers of the show only let us see what we see…  Later in the show, after seeing a psychic, she stated, "I’m not worried about being 38 and single.  I think I’ll find someone."

  2. The motto of this story – bring your car!

    Kristin, 31, the yoga instructor, was so happy to be going on her 1st second date.  She had gone on a number of first dates that just, as she said in a previous episode, were bad.  Somewhere between the second and third date something starting feeling off with Mike.  She felt he was moving way to quickly and was feeling smothered.  She called to break things off with him and during the call decided to go on a third date just to make sure she wasn’t making too quick a decision.

    A lesson for all of us.  If you live 1.5 hours from your date, it’s probably a good idea to take your car if you have been experiencing doubt, as Kristin had after the second date.  Mike drove to her place to pick her up and take her back out to where he lives.  While Mike thinks the date has gone great, Kristin wants to go home.  Thank goodness Mike is a gentleman and drives her home.  She could have been stranded.

  3. The ‘pity pay’

    Christen, a 25 year old sales agent, turned to dating as she was new to New York and wanted to meet people.  She has a 20-minute date rule.  She meets a guy for a drink for 20 minutes so they can see if they like each other.  If they do, then they can go on a second date.  The upside to this rule is you don’t have to endure too much of a bad date or complete personality mismatch.  On the other hand, if you do really connect with the person do you really have to cut off the flow?

    The 20-minute mark was approaching during a date with Rob.  He asks, "Do you want to hang out again?"  Cristen totally hesitates.  It’s obvious by the look on her face that the answer is no.  She’s honest and says she doesn’t feel a vibe.  Then she tried to pay for her beer.  Rob called that ‘the pity pay.’  You can offer to pay for your beer, but if he wants to let him! 

  4. Who hooked up?

    One year after the dating experiment, three of the women were in relationships and Kelly, the 35 year old 2nd grade teacher, and Steve, a 40 year old entrepreneur, were going to try again.

    Shelly, the 37 year old opera singer, had been dating 25 year old Clint for a couple months and they were moving in together.

    MaryAm, the 29 year old art photographer, went on a date that lasted 6-7 hours.  They’ve been together ever since.

    Amy, the 28 year old real estate broker, was dating Jeremy.  She said they were mismatched and that actually works better.

    The most interesting thing of all was what each of these three women said.  Each shared some version of ‘I wasn’t looking for love and it found me.’  Both MaryAm and Amy had come to the realization that they’d be ok if they didn’t find someone.  Stay tuned for a post on this very phenomenon.

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