Men are Great! Do you have a story to share?

Karen Jones, a friend and colleague, is writing a book about men.  She would appreciate your help!  Deadline for stories is August 31st.

Karen is the dating and relationship coach I interviewed for the article "Love Eluding You?  Let Go and It Will Find You" which was posted yesterday under the ‘Dating Tips’ category.

The information below is an excerpt from her website.  For more information visit:

The working title right now is “Men are Great”, and the book will be a combination of stories about a man being great (the definition of “great” can be found on her websight), insight into men’s thinkings/feelings about the way they’re portrayed in the media, and some coaching tips for women on how to relate to/help a man see his greatness.

Expected publishing date is end of November, and the deadline for stories is August 31st.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. If you have something to share about a man in your life (father, son brother, husband, co-worker, friend, relative, or any other man you know) and feel it fits your ‘great man’ definition, Karen would love to know.  These stories don’t need to be about legendary/heroic deeds. They could just be about a simple act of kindness or compassion, remembering something important, standing up for a belief, planning a great surprise, reacting calmly to a problem, etc.

  2. If you are part of any group, you could forward this request to the list, which would be extremely helpful in reaching out beyond her particular world. (The complete list is on Karen’s website.)

  3. Karen is also inviting people to design the logo of “Men are Great”.  Anyone that submits a design will get a f*r*ee copy of the book, and the person that submits the design that gets used will get credit in the book, naturally, as well as f*r*ee relationship coaching for one month (3 sessions).

  4. Karen would really love to get men’s reactions and feelings to all the anti-men ads and TV shows out there, so write to her about them.  If you’d rather talk on the phone, she can take notes, too.

Definately check out Karen’s site if you think you might be interested in her "Men are Great" book project. If you have an inkling, trust it…

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