One More Love Quote

There can never be too many love quotes in the world!

"Love and you shall be loved."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you believe in the concept that everything is energy and
that ‘like attracts like’ then this love quote makes perfect sense. If we want to attract love into our life, we
need to love.

The only catch, if there is one, we must love for the sake
of doing so and not for the sake of getting anything in return. Isn’t the purest love of all given without
anything expected in return?

Think back to a time when you did something for someone else
just because you wanted to. Even if you
weren’t there when the person received your gift or kind act, didn’t you feel
good inside? (You know – all warm

Start out small. Smile at someone. It really
doesn’t take much to get started.

As country singer Clint Black sings in ‘Something That We Do’
– “It isn’t something that we have it’s something that we do*.”

* Lyrics by Clint Black and Skip Ewing.

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