Rate That Dater

You’ve met a great guy or gal online.  You’re about to meet in person.  How do you know if they’re who they say they are? 

If you’ve been dating online for more than 3 months it’s likely that you’ve met someone in person who didn’t match their profile in some way.  Maybe they’re shorter than they said.  Or older.  Maybe they used a picture from 15 years ago… before they put on 40 pounds etc etc.   Men and women are both guilty.

In the world of the internet – where there’s a problem, there’s usually a solution not far behind.  Two websites have been created to help the honest people fight back.

On True Dater you can submit comments about people you have met on 5 specified dating sites.   You can also do a search of a user name to see if anyone else has written a review.  You do have to be a free member to use this function.

Opinity is an ‘online reputation service’ where you can review online daters and/or people you bought products from via online auctions.  You can also see what’s been written about you!  You need to register as a free member to access the full report on any search.

Both sites are fairly new so I don’t know how many daters have been rated.

I’ve even heard of people using online background search services before travelling a long distance to meet a potential love they’ve met online.  If you’ve got a nagging doubt, it never hurts to check it out. 

In my experience, most people are honest.  I’ve only met one… well two (and that’s a whole other story) who didn’t tell the truth about little things.   It sure would be easier if people just told the truth…

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