A quote from the Love Doctor

The late Leo Buscaglia was known as the Love Doctor.

Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.

~ Leo Buscaglia

We can either choose to feel emotions that bring us further away from or towards our goals.  If we dream of being in a happy, fulfilling relationship – it’s time to let go of the emotions (anger, hurt or pain) that are holding us back.

Can you believe he actually taught a class on love?  How cool is that?!  The first personal development book I was ever introduced to was one written by Leo called “Love.”   I then read “Bus 9 to Paradise,” “Living, Loving, Learning”, and “Way of the Bull.”  He often said “Way of the Bull” was his favourite book.  It was filled with stories of his experiences and the people he met while travelling through Asia.

When I saw him speak on TV he was so passionate about us loving each other.  It really seemed to be his life’s mission.

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