Dating Multiple People: How Many is Too Many?

When you really look at it, online dating is a numbers game.   You send out 20 smiles or winks and a percentage send a smile or wink back.  Let’s say 5 wink back to let you know they’re interested. 

Then you email the 5 who smiled back at you.  Maybe 3 respond within the next couple days.  So now you’re corresponding with three potential dates as well as anybody who has taken the initiative and contacted you.  For simplicity, you may be juggling 5 people. 

If you’re not careful, you’ll start getting details mixed up.  Didn’t Bob say he was going to the baseball game?  Or was it Dave?  So you send a mail message to Bob asking how the baseball game was.  He writes back and says you must be thinking of someone else…  and he may even kid you about it.  Hmm… it must have been Dave.

It’s so easy to forgot who said what, who’s interested in what etc.  There is a solution… keep a pad of paper near the computer and the phone.  That way you can keep track of details.  This is especially helpful if the dating site has instant message capability as you may not have time to sort through your previous email or instant message correspondence (if it’s even still available for viewing)!

You’ll also learn how many people you can correspond with at a time.  You do have a life to live after all.  Even if you have no room on your ‘dating card’ you can still respond to people who send you messages and simply say you’re really busy and would love to connect in the future… 

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