More on ‘Hooking Up’ (TV Show)

Episode two of ABC’s ‘Hooking Up’ aired last Thursday (July 21st) and there’s plenty to report.

The Good:

  1. Kelly, a 2nd Grade teacher, has a refreshingly optimistic attitude about dating and marriage.  She said "Just because I’m in my 30’s and not married doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me.  I just haven’t found the right guy yet."  Later she added "I’m not going to settle."
  2. Maryam, a photographer, said you have to put yourself out there as people will not appear in your lap.  She was excited to go online as it would allow her to meet men she wouldn’t meet in her everyday life.

The Confusing:

In Episode 1 Amy stated that she’s looking for a husband.  She’s from the midwest and is too old to be single as she approaches age 28.  She’s been looking for Mr Right since she was 21 as her plan was to be married by age 28.  Her biological clock is ticking loudly.

I would think if someone is serious about finding a husband they wouldn’t have sex with a guy within the first week of meeting.  Is that long enough to really know and trust someone without the confusing feelings that sex can sometimes cause women?

I will give her credit for calling, admitting that she may have moved too fast, and breaking it off with the guy she thought may be ‘the one.’ 

Telling Remarks from some of the Men Daters

  1. What is it with men dumping dates by email?!  Maryam dated a guy for 6 months and he broke up with her by email.  Not 6 days or 6 weeks but 6 months!
  2. David, one of Amy’s dates, said he tends to be cautious of women who only have pictures from the chest up as they maybe be ‘hiding chunk in the trunk.’  So much for having a great personality…

    A head and shoulder shot allows a potential date to get a could look at you.  I find it harder to see the features of the face in a full body shot.  On the dating services that allow you to post more than one picture, you could post both.  Use a full body shot of you doing something you really love to do.  A picture that lets your personality shine through.

  3. "A lot of women today are looking for security in a man."

    I can’t remember which guy said that, but it may be true.  Neither men nor women can find what they feel they’re missing in another person.  If you want security, fill that hole in yourself.  If you want adventure, do something adventurous.

  4. "Women say they read the profile but they look at the picture just like men." 

    Hmm… I wish he had elaborated a bit more.  It would have been interesting to know what he meant by that.  For instance, does he think that women look at the picture and only look at the profile if they like the photo?  Or does he mean that men and women only look at the photo but not the profile? 

The line of the evening has to go to one of the men Cynthia went out on a date with.  He said he was on a date one night and the woman shared with him that he helped her realize she was a lesbian.  Of course it was in an email he received the next day…

Episode 3 airs this Thurday (July 28th)…

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