Choose to Love

As a human being we can choose to love or not to love.

The honorary duty of a human being is to love.

– Maya Angelou

The word that stuck out in the above quote is ‘honorary.’  At honorary is defined as “relying on honor and not legally enforceable, as a duty or obligation.”  It also means voluntary. 

To love voluntarily.  To love because you choose to love as per your own free will.

We can choose to love.  It doesn’t cost anything materially.  It does require us to put aside grudges, pride, or the meaning we attach to other people’s actions. 

The  world needs us to choose love.  When we choose love (over hate, doubt, indifference) we add a positive energy into the world.  In the end, when we choose to love, we feel better about ourselves and life in general. 

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