Dating and Sex

The topic of sex came up in almost all of the stories in episode 3 of ABC’s "Hooking Up." 

When is the right time to have sex with the person you’re dating? 

Amy, who says she is looking for a husband, had sex with Dave because ‘he’s waited long enough by New York standards… He’s really expecting it and hoping for it…  What’s the big deal?  We like each other.  We’re not 18 anymore."

When she sees Dave three or four days later she tells him he won’t be getting any more ‘shagging’ (as he likes to call it) unless he breaks it off with all the other girls he’s sleeping with.  She’s mad at him because he didn’t call her for 2 days.  After giving him this ultimatum, he starts calling her when he says he will.  It seems like she used sex to control his actions and get the results (him calling) that she wanted.

The most telling comment she made was "He’s in it (meaning online dating) to get laid.  That’s not what I’m here for."  Hmm… actions speak louder than words.  By having sex with him it seems to me that her actions are saying she does want to get laid and isn’t serious about finding a husband.  If she truly is looking for a husband with the house in the suburbs and the kids running around – she may need to start walking her talk.

More mixed signals…

Maryam had another date with Sam and then invited him over to her apartment.  She does this even though she stated to the camera "I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I don’t want to hang out with him anymore."  When Sam asks her if she’s interested in him she replies "You’re here so I’m interested."  When Sam tries to express to her that he needs to hear her verablize this versus figure it out from her actions, the discussion ends with him leaving.

Amy’s opposite…

Reisha, at 30, is very conservative.  She is saving herself for the man she’s going to be with for the rest of her life.  She believes "A strong relationship can be built if intimacy is saved for much later."  She’s even hesitant to kiss Acie, who has flown up from Atlanta twice, as she thinks that will lead to a "slippery slope." 

I find Reisha to be very refreshing.  She wants to get to know her potential mate and bulid a strong relationship first.  Amy could learn a few things from her.

Acie is such a classy guy and funny.  He’s totally content to go at Reisha’s pace.  He said he’s never dated a woman who was practicing celibacy and he hopes he doesn’t lose his mind while waiting…

The classic line of the episode …

from Dave and Amy…

"There’s no need for me to have a timeline."

To which Amy replies: "Of course not, your sperm lasts forever…"

Can you hear her biological clock ticking fast at the age of 28?!

Stay tuned for episode 4 airing Thursday, August 4th.

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