What Do You Look for in a Profile?

In a poll in early July 2005 Lavalife.com®  asked it’s members:  “What do you appreciate most in a Lavalife profile?” 

The #1 answer overall, with 49%, was a photo.  In second was ‘well-written/humor’ (34%) and in third was ‘specific info on who they’re seeking’ (15%).

What I found revealing was the difference between how the men and women answered the question.  58% of men choose photo as their number one answer with ‘well-written’ in second with 25%.  43% of women choose ‘well-written’ profile as their 1st choice with photo a close second with 42% of votes.

If you do choose to post a photo, make sure it’s recent (see Mistake #1 in Dating Mistakes) and that the photo is of you.  (Did I really need to say that?!)  I met a man (via Lavalife incidentally) who told me a woman he was conversing with had sent him a picture.  When they decided to meet she kept hedging until she finally told him the truth – she had sent him a picture of her friend not herself. 

I thought the whole point of dating online was to meet a potential friend, date or mate.  Just be who you are.  Why would you want to be anyone else?  It takes a lot of energy trying to be who you think everyone wants you to be.

Note:  The poll and results are property of Lavalife.com ®

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